Jeff Goldblum is here for your thirst tweets.

Buzzfeed had the “Jurassic Park” fave read the very best – and often hilarious – tweets about himself from his fans.

Always a good sport, the 65-year-old actor says “it’s a lovely thing to be appreciated in any way.”

“I ‘exude sexy and expensive’? What the heck does that mean?” he jokes, reading one of the tweets. “Any affection I  have come to exchange has never been for recompense.”

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The “Thor: Ragnarok” actor reads each thirst tweet with a smile, a joke and sometimes, a question.

“The word ‘daddy’ was made to be used on Jeff Goldblum and him alone don’t @ me,” he reads.

“What does ‘don’t @ me’ mean?” he asks.

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Goldblum, who is married to retired Canadian gymnast Emilie Livingston, seems to get a kick out of reading what the Internet has to say.

“That was the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire life,” he ends his reading. “I mean, golly! Very, very flattering.”