Sean Hayes Gives Ellen DeGeneres Surprise Birthday Gift, Pair Have A ‘Battle Of The Gays’ In Hilarious Interview

“Will & Grace” star Sean Hayes ended up having a “Battle of the Gays” with Ellen DeGeneres Wednesday as he appeared on her show to chat about the new series of his iconic sitcom.

Hayes, 47, who plays Jack McFarland in the hit show, was in hysterics from the get-go as he handed DeGeneres, 60, a surprise birthday gift from London after missing her big day back in January.

Handing her a Beefeater hat, the actor laughed: “I missed your birthday while I was in London, I’m so sorry I wasn’t there… so, I got you something.

“I know you’re a vegan but I got you a Beefeater hat.”

After thanking Hayes for the gift, DeGeneres then brought up “Will & Grace” after Hayes mentioned that her talk show had been on the air for an impressive 15 years.

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As DeGeneres asked how long he’d been a part of the beloved sitcom, Hayes replied: “Longer than 15!” to which DeGeneres joked, “How long was it the first time around before y’all got cancelled?”

However, referencing DeGeneres’ 90s sitcom, which saw the title character come out as gay just before DeGeneres came out in real life, Hayes then hit back: “I think it was longer than your sitcom…”

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The talk show host then insisted, “Yeah that’s right, I had to come out first for y’all to do that sitcom… go ahead!” before she added: “It’s the Battle of the Gays up here…”

Will & Grace” continues Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on Global. For full episodes click here.

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