Olivia Munn Vows To Never Fly United After Puppy Death, James Corden Calls Incident ‘Horrific’

A family is mourning the loss of a beloved pet after a United Airlines flight attendant made them place their pup in the overhead bin during a flight. The 10-month-old bulldog puppy, Kokito, did not survive the three-hour flight. Now, celebs Olivia Munn and James Corden are speaking out against the airline.

Dog-lover Munn tells TMZ on Wednesday she’s “done” with United, not just because of the dog incident, but also because of their recent track record when it comes to human passengers. Munn is referring to an incident last year in which a doctor was violently dragged from a flight, and another in which young girls were banned from boarding because they were wearing leggings.

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“I’ll never fly United,” the “X-Men: Apocalypse” actress tells paparazzi at LAX airport. “They can’t take care of all their passengers and the animals. I don’t think anyone should fly with them.”

Munn is an outspoken animal lover, having appeared in several videos for PETA. She has supported animal charities, including Paws For Cause and advocates for the adoption of rescue dogs.

“I feel so bad for them,” she says of Kokito’s owners.

Late night host James Corden called the incident “horrific” in a tweet sharing the story.

The airline released a statement taking full responsibility for the incident and are launching an investigation into the dog’s death, confirming animals should never be placed in the overhead bin of a plane.



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