The Streets’ Mike Skinner Confirms He’s Making A Movie Inspired By The Dialogue Of ‘Dawson’s Creek’

The Streets’ Mike Skinner confirms he’s been working on a film inspired by the hit ’90s TV series “Dawson’s Creek”.

The 39-year-old, who recently announced a Streets comeback after 15 years, says his upcoming flick is a “musical like ‘Casablanca’, but not as much as ‘La La Land’.”

Skinner tells Mr. Porter’s The Journal: “The reason I finished The Streets was to make a film, and the reason I started The Streets up again was to make a film.”

The musician insists his upcoming shows won’t fund the project per se, but “what they did do was make people pay attention enough that we could have more exciting meetings with people.”

Skinner adds he’s been “so angry” with himself for not making a film in seven years, telling the publication: “I started thinking, What do I know about the most? What’s the most interesting thing for me to write about? And I came up with DJing.”

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The star describes the flick as “a farce about guys and girls getting into trouble.”

“The story isn’t clever. It’s all in the dialogue, and that’s what I love. What was that teen show where everyone’s a philosopher? ‘Dawson’s Creek’ – it’s a bit like that. I like [my characters] to say the things that they thought of when they’re walking home from a terrible argument, and thinking, Oh, I should’ve said that. Not political correctness, just cleverness, because stories aren’t reality, they’re an exercise for the mind.”

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Skinner, whose band The Streets was said to have helped re-shape the U.K. hip-hop scene in the early 2000s, also tells the site there was a time when the lyrical part of him refused to function due to drinking, drugs, and breakdowns.

“Whatever that bit of your brain is that works out what the most important word of the sentence is, and has to make it rhyme, it was really tired. But when I started to write songs again last year, I had this weird sensation that it was ready to go.”

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