Nicholas Hoult Talks The Making Of ‘Kill Your Friends’ and ‘Equals’

From the kindhearted boy in “Warm Bodies”; to the ruthless killing machine in “Kill Your Friends”;, we go one-on-one with Nicholas Hoult to find out about his time spent in Canada and the filming of “Kill Your Friends”; and “Equals”;.

Because of his time spent filming the recent “X-Men”;sequels, the 25-year-old actor became quite fond of the of Montreal. “Yeah, we filmed the last two “X-Men’ in Montreal, we just finished about a week or so ago. I love that city,”; said Hoult. “And they’ve got good food. Canada’s nice, they’ve got good people, it’s pretty laid back. You kind of just get on and do your own thing.”;

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In reference to his new film “Kill Your Friends”;, which focuses on a young A&R exec who goes to extreme measures to find his next big hit, Hoult describes his character as “ruthless in ambition.”;

“It starts off as kind of a nice satire set in the music industry and it gradually spirals. I play a character that is very ruthless in his ambition and has tendencies to do bad things and say terrible things. So it was a lot of fun.”;

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The young actor is fortunate enough to have not one, but two films featuring at the Toronto International Film Festival. Alongside his dark-comedy “Kill Your Friends”; is a film opposite in taste “Equals”; with which Hoult stars alongside Kristen Stewart.

“It was a pleasure, I loved the script and Drake Doremus directed it. He is, you know, just a phenomenal director. I loved his previous work and getting the chance to work with him and Kristen on this was an honour.”;

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