After the fallout from sexual assault allegations against members of the Canadian band Hedley, some former fans are stuck with permanent tattoos paying tribute to the band.

Thankfully, one Toronto tattoo artist is offering to cover up old Hedley tattoos for a low price, or even for free if fans can’t afford it.

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According to the CBC, tattoo artist Lizzie Renaud, of Speakeasy Tattoo, came up with the idea of offering the tattoo-covering service after having conversations with female colleagues about how the #MeToo movement was affecting the inking community.

Renaud had been friends with Jacob Hoggard, lead singer of Hedley, and a decade ago worked alongside the band as a makeup artist on one of their music videos.

“When I heard the allegations against Jacob, I was instantly aware that the friendship was over,” Renaud told the CBC.

“It was a very practise-what-you-preach moment,” she said of the decision to offer tattoo coverups. “In my mind, this was a smaller thing in a bigger conversation I have every single day about reducing harm.”

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“I feel like a lot of these Hedley fans are saying this is for me to get attention,” Renaud added. “But when somebody gives me an opportunity to drown them out with a positive message about support and advocacy for survivors then I will gladly take that moment.”

Many on Twitter sent words of appreciation to Renaud for her offer, with some even vowing to go to her studio despite not having any Hedley tattoos in order to support her.