Oprah Receives Letter From Woman Who Changed Her Name To Jesus Christ: ‘Is This The Sign You’re Looking For?’

Ever since Oprah Winfrey’s galvanizing speech at January’s Golden Globes, people have been urging her to run for president in 2020.

While early polls indicated she’d easily beat incumbent President Donald Trump in an election (Trump agrees to disagree, claiming, “I know her weakness”), Winfrey herself has so far refused to commit, saying at various times that she has no interest in entering politics while also declaring that she’s awaiting a sign from the Almighty before making a decision.

However, the 64-year-old media mogul/TV icon’s BFF Gayle King thinks that heavenly message may have just arrived in the form of a letter addressed to Winfrey. Its sender: Jesus Christ.

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It wasn’t actually Jesus Christ, mind you, but an elderly Maine woman who legally changed her name to Jesus Christ 50 years ago, reports Entertainment Weekly.

The letter, King revealed, was received by her assistant; she shared a photo of the envelope and its return address on Instagram.


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In an interview with WGME-TV (below), she said that she began writing letters in order to disseminate a message of “faith, peace, and priorities.”

Strangely, the woman explained that she didn’t even know Winfrey was considering a presidential bid when she wrote her letter, but now that she knows, she’d cast a vote for her. Watch:

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