Tom Hiddleston On Finding His Country Voice

ET Canada’s Rick Campanelli sat down with the ever so handsome Tom Hiddleston to get the inside scoop on what it took to play his role as Hank Williams in his new film “I Saw The Light”;.

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“It was certainly a journey, like it was a journey to get there. Because I had sang before, I had played the guitar as a student you know, just like everyone else. You know, pick it up and noodle around and play whatever takes your fancy,”; Tom told Rick when asked about his singing voice. “But you know, I knew I had to play and sing like him. But you know it was joy. You couldn’t help but feel joy when singing some of the songs.”;

The two-hour film was shot in record time, 38 days to be exact, which left the 34-year-old actor almost no down time to debrief in between shoots. “We shot it very fast, we shot the film in 38 days, it’s long yeah and it was longer. I was in everyday and in every scene and so I just, I didn’t really have time to be myself.”;

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On the way he was able to portray such a significant and influential singer/songwriter, Hiddleston stated, “I certainly connected to his joy of performing. There’s no question that he felt, he took huge pleasure in the connection between himself and his audience.”;

Watch the interview below!

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