Aaron Paul On Rihanna’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Obsession: ‘She Sang To Me’

Rihanna is a big, big “Breaking Bad” fan.

The show’s former co-star Aaron Paul told Jimmy Fallon about his multiple run-ins with Rihanna, as well as Canadian superstar Drake.

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Paul once ran into Drake by coincidence in France. “We randomly met in Paris in a parking garage,” said Paul. “I got out of my car… and he was with a bunch of people getting ready to get in a van. I’m like, ‘Oh my God, there’s Drake.’ Then he just looks at me, runs over and gives me the biggest hug, and told me that he loved me.”

Drizzy passed along a memo that he got Rihanna hooked on “Breaking Bad”.

Later on, “I was at some event and an SUV was driving by me, and it stops and the back door opens, and it’s Rihanna,” Paul recalled. “She jumps out… and literally starts running towards me. She threw her arms around me and said, ‘I had to meet you, I needed proof of this. Then paparazzi took some pictures of us.”

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But that was not the last time Paul and Rihanna would cross paths. “The Path” star was attending a Super Bowl party at which the “Work” singer was performing.

“She walks to the end of the catwalk. I was on the second level of this small little venue. Then she starts singing ‘Stay’ directly to me,” he said. “She does not lose eye contact with me. My wife is standing right next to me. She’s like, ‘She’s singing to you.’ And I’m like, “I know!’ Maybe she was looking in my general direction, but the story I tell is that she sang to me.”

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