ET Canada’s Roz Weston had the opportunity to sit down with Benicio Del Toro to get the inside scoop on the making of “Sicario”; and whether or not he got into some trouble for going public with his involvement in the next “Star Wars” franchise last week.

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After playing in several films with similar content, it seems as though Del Toro is becoming somewhat desensitized to the overall topic: “Well you know I’ve done many movies that tap into that world. All sides. And so I know a little bit, I wasn’t completely surprised when I got the script. I felt that the script had a different take from all of the other films that I have done.”;

So much so that the 48-year-old actor has been to disconnect himself from the scenes played in his films. “That’s why we get paid, to do that stuff and take it home and not think too much about it,”; he explains.

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On whether he got into some trouble for going public earlier this month about his part in the upcoming “Star Wars” flick, Del Toro said, “No no, no one has, but it’s my instinct. Not going to point any fingers… my conversations with the director are kind like, at this point very private.”;

After confirming with Roz about his part in the sci-fi film, the “Sicario” star opened up about just how close the franchise is to his heart, “I remember exactly where I was when I saw the first one. I was really moved by the first one. You know, it was a part of my growing up you know.”;

Watch the video below!