UPDATE: Swift’s People Say ‘The Radio Station Was Given Evidence’

Taylor Swift has spoken about the “groping” incident, via her publicist of course.

Swift’s party have told People in a statement, “The radio station was given evidence immediately after the incident. They made their independent decision.”;

A Denver radio DJ is suing Taylor Swift, claiming he got fired for allegedly groping the “Bad Blood”; singer’s famous butt, reports TMZ.

However, DJ David Mueller denies that his hands were anywhere near Swift’s derriere and is suing the singer, alleging her security team wrongfully accused him of the butt-grab that cost him his radio job.

“Mueller says he was attending a Swift concert in Denver in 2013 and was invited backstage. According to The Denver Post, Mueller says he and his GF took a photo with Swift and then left to enjoy the show,”; notes TMZ, adding: “Mueller says he later ran into a coworker who was bragging about putting his arms around Taylor and grabbing her butt during his photo op with her.”;

A case of mistaken identity? Perhaps, but Mueller claims it was at this point that he was approached by one of Swift’s security guards, who accused him of grabbing Taylor’s butt and booted him right out of the arena. The accusation, says Mueller, led him to be fired from his job at a country music radio station.

Attorneys for Swift have yet to comment.



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