Before “S.W.A.T.” returns to Global on March 29, Shemar Moore is opening up about the new lady in his life and how being in a relationship affects his on-screen kissing scenes.

The 47-year-old actor dished on his new relationship with “Quantico” actress Anabelle Acosta. Now, Moore tells ET Canada’s Matte Babel that dating a fellow actor takes a lot of trust.

“To be with an actor or actress you have to know that that’s what they do for a living,” he says. “It is weird when you’re in relationships or have a sweetheart or your opposite actress has a fiance… a man, so there’s TV kissing.”

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“For me and a woman in my life there’s got to be a lot of trust and she has to trust me and I have to make sure she knows that I got her back,” he explains. “But what I do for a living means, one of the perks, or job requirements is I get to play kissy face a little bit.”

But the former “The Young And The Restless” actor says he keeps the “real stuff” off-camera for Acosta.

“You keep the real stuff, you keep the emotion of it all – you keep that extra little hanky panky, you keep that for your boo at home,” he says.

The actor tells ET Canada he’s just in the early stages of his relationship with Acosta. The pair made their official red carpet debut as a couple at the Grammy Awards back in February when Moore says the two were just getting to know one another.

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“It was just like, ‘Hi nice to meet you. I like what I see, you like what you see. Let’s get to know each other over coffee and I happen to have tickets to the Grammys,'” he explains. “And that’s how that happened. It was a great date. It was kind of backwards. We went big before we even knew each other’s last name, not to cat and dog it. It’s baby steps so who knows.”

Don’t expect Moore and Acosta’s relationship to take any major steps anytime soon. He says he’s a “gentleman” who is still getting to know Acosta and is taking things slow in their new relationship.

“We are not getting married. There’s no little babies running around. We are still brand new. Like first base,” he says. “And I learned that in life from prior relationships. Let’s just have some fun and take baby steps.”

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