Busy Philipps is suffering from a “sunburn” one would not wish on their worst enemy.

The former “Cougar Town” star shared photos from her Monday night trip to the ER after suffering from photokeratitis. The diagnosis was a result of her eyes’ overexposure to UV lights after spending the day at a photo shoot.

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“I can barely see straight. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow,” Philipps said on her Instagram story after having dinner. “I’m having some sort of crazy allergic reaction. I can’t open my eyes. It feels like there are shards of glass.”

She was initially going to wait until Tuesday to see a doctor, but the pain was unbearable. “I’m going to try to lay down and close my eyes even though when I close my eyes it feels like there are shards of glass inside my eyeballs,” she explained.

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“Hey guys, is it cool that we just spent four hours in the emergency room for my eyes? I have photokeratitis. I sunburned my eyes from my photo shoot today,” she later stated. “It’s so on-brand though. I get one big magazine cover, and I do one photo shoot, and I burn my eyeballs.”

The following day, her daughter Birdie, 9, laughed, “That’s mom, she’s got thick skin, stomach problems and sensitive eyes.”

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