Megan Fox has a memorable encounter with a television psychic.

Fox is given insight into her mother’s future on Wednesday’s episode of “Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry”.

“For some reason they’re having me refer to your mom, who’s obviously living, right?” Tyler asks. “But they’re having me talk about a situation and they’re having me talk about like change, transition, movement. This is coming through in a geographical sense. Where’s mom currently at?”

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“Florida,” Fox replies.

And then the magic begins. “This is weird. They’re putting movement like it feels like transitional,” says Henry. “They’re putting this over the course of the next like month. They’re having me acknowledge like transition, movement, change.”

“Does she have any plans to like leave Florida at all that you can think of?” he asks.

“She was OK until like a few days ago something happened,” the “Transformers” actress reveals. “So now she is going through a transition in her life right now and I wouldn’t be surprised if she moved, maybe out this way.”

“They are having me acknowledge reminding her of her independence,” Henry channels. “It’s coming from her side of family and it’s like, ‘Don’t forget your ability to be independent. You can do things on your own. You don’t have to stay in a situation because of another person or the people.”

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Continuing, “And it’s basically saying like, ‘Feel free to make this move.’ And that she needs to know this and have like that confidence.”

Fox tells Henry: “My mom has always been really relationship-based her whole life and she’s going through a transition there. And I think you know, maybe because of her age, she’s in her 60s, she may worry about that transition.”

She later reflects on her interaction with Henry, saying, “That is a situation that literally just happened, I think it was two days ago, she started transitioning out of a relationship.”