Tom Hardy is one man who is all about the press when it comes to his work and less about them invading his personal life. We caught up with the British star at the “Legend”; junket at the Toronto International Film Festival.

He’s a man who’s no stranger to the cameras, when it comes to his work that is: “there is very little media attention apart from when you are doing press around what we do, which is the work.”;

One thing we learned from Hardy at TIFF is that he loves what he does, “I got to work, this is my job. I enjoy it, love doing it. I want people to see it, enjoy it.”;

The actor told us he completely understands the importance of press when it comes to his work, “media and press fundamentally covers that part of my life,”; but not when it comes to his personal life, “apart from that, my relationship with the press and I suppose understandably so, sort of ends there.”;

He finished by telling us he has “no intention to buy into stars, celebrities.”;

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