Former flames Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy have reportedly rekindled their long lost love. According to US Weekly, the lovebirds have been meeting up secretly since first reuniting over dinner and a movie in February.

“They decided they would like to give their relationship another chance,” a source close to the Prince revealed to the magazine. “They still have strong feelings for each other.”

Many of their secret visits occurred while Prince Harry was on a three-month tour of Africa over the summer, with Davy traveling to see Prince Harry “at least twice a week.”

The red-headed Prince, who turned 31 years old yesterday, planned to celebrate the event during a two-day bash thrown by his closest friends. Davy reportedly flew 8,500 miles to be by his side.

The former hard-partying blonde, who now works as a corporate lawyer, left the U.K. in 2014 for a position in her native country of South Africa. “She always said she wouldn’t come back,” a source told US. “There was nothing in the city for her once she and Harry broke up and she hated the weather. It seems she had a change of heart.”

Since rekindling their romance, Davy has reportedly begun searching for new positions closer to Harry in London.

Prince Harry and Davy dated on and off from 2004 to 2011.