Neil Young Sounds Off On Donald Trump: ‘The Man Is A Mess’

Neil Young has never been shy about expressing his opinions about Donald Trump, and the Canadian rock icon continued to blast the U.S. president with some scathing remarks in a provocative interview with the Daily Beast.

“Well, you know, the one thing I feel good about is a couple of days ago I set my clock forward an hour and missed an hour of the Trump presidency. That felt fantastic,” quipped Young in the interview.

“The man — Trump, the president of the United States — is a mess. He has no balls. He hasn’t got one ball. He literally has nothing. All the bravado, all the you’re fired, you’re fired, all that s**t, he doesn’t have the balls to look anybody in the face and tell them anything,” continued the 72-year-old rocker, adding, “the United States is in serious f**king trouble.”

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Young also shared his scorn for Republicans who have hitched their wagons to the Trump train, warning that they’ll face repercussions for their support,

“I think once we get rid of the Republicans who are backing him, and these are decent people — I like a lot of those guys. I like John McCain. I like Lindsey Graham. I don’t agree with everything that they say, don’t get me wrong, but I think there are a lot of decent Republicans,” said Young.

“But this guy [Trump] is making them look like flakes. He’s making them look like the United States is not the most important thing to them. If they tie themselves to Trump, they’re all going to die; they’re all going down. I don’t mean literally die, but their careers are going down. They can’t survive. They need to bail now and save their faces so that they can at least come back when there’s a decent presidential candidate. They need to bow out and say, ‘I can’t have anything to do with this guy, I’ll be back when we have a real candidate,’ and then come with a different candidate in 2020,” he added.

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However, Young does see an opportunity for a positive outcome from the Trump presidency — once it’s over, that is.

“The best thing that’s going to happen from Trump is the dismantling of Trump’s mess, which will result in a new rebuild of America that pays attention to today’s world,” declared Young. “Now if we can do that right it’s an opportunity, and if we can’t it’s a disaster.”

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