Expectant Kristen Bell Reveals The Unexpected!

Earlier this week Dax Shepard revealed to Jay Leno and the world that his fiancé Kristen Bell was expecting their first child.  But there’s no shot-gun wedding in the works! The pair, who recently starred together in the film Hit and Run, have been engaged for over three years, and they’ve stated that they won’t be tying the knot until everyone in America has the right to do the same.

Dax told Leno, Kristen is excited as ever about the new bun in the oven, and her joy is obvious in her tweets: “Obama won the election and I am getting fatter by the day. America has never been luckier,’ wrote the House of Lies star.

Yes, pregnancy seems to bring out the humour in one of the already funniest ladies in the biz, and in an upcoming interview with Jeff Probst set to air Friday, November 9th, the 32-year-old actress doesn’t hold back.  Even the seasoned “Survivor’ ringleader, turned-talk-show-host, was stunned when Kristen recounted the time she had a card game with a newly deceased grandma.  Kristen says after her grandmother died, the coroner couldn’t come to the house for hours so, “We all kind of hung out in the bedroom, and then something turned into something, and we started playing cards with her. I did her nails, and this was a dead body!”;  Good thing Grandma shared Kristen’s sense of humour!

The mom-to-be also opens up about her first date with Dax that took place in 2007, which she jokingly describes it as a group date that ended up in a hot tub. Check out more of Jeff Probst’s interview with Kristen Bell, in the video below!



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