Zachary Quinto may have given Starbucks workers a fake name when purchasing a coffee recently, but he failed to pull the wool over one student’s eyes.

Quinto, 40, appeared on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” Monday, and was quizzed by the British host about a tweet from a girl named Sophia who noticed him in the coffee shop.

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Keen to find out why Quinto had gone “undercover” to grab a beverage, Corden was quick to quiz the actor, who explained of his outing: “I didn’t realize we were in the epicentre of the University of Michigan, I just thought we were on, like, a main street.”

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So why the fake name? “When I’m by myself I get a little, like, nervous or self-conscious, I don’t know.

“Maybe people don’t know me and I can go undercover… clearly that’s not always the case!”

Quinto insisted he would have gone over to Sophia to say “Hi!” if she’d have introduced herself. He also said Josh was the name he most often gets called accidentally, for some reason.

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