With the 20-years-in-the-making revival of “Roseanne” premiering on Tuesday night, Roseanne Barr and co-star John Goodman paid a visit to Howard Stern’s Sirius radio show to talk about the anticipated reboot.

During their chat, Stern asked Barr if there was anyone from the original cast who wouldn’t agree to return to the new “Roseanne”.

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“Well, George Clooney didn’t want to come on,” she revealed, referencing his pre-“ER” role as Wellman Plastics supervisor Booker Brooks in the show’s first four seasons.

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“He’s said some really silly things about me, but I still love him,” she said of Clooney, leading Stern to ask if an anecdote he heard about his time on the show was actually true.

When the show hit number one — “we beat ‘Cosby’,” declared Barr — ABC sent the cast and crew a giant chocolate one… recalled Stern, “and George Clooney took a bat and smashed the f**king thing into a million pieces.”

“Well, we had had some problems [with the network] before that,” responded Barr, confirming that Clooney’s well-earned reputation as a practical joker extended as far back as his “Roseanne” days.

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For example, Barr recalled how, at the time, actress Valerie Harper got into a skirmish with network executives and was fired from the show that bore her name — “Valerie” — only to be replaced by actress Sandy Duncan.

“So George always would, when I’d go to my dressing room every day it would say ‘Sandy Duncan’ over my name,” she revealed with a laugh.

During the extensive interview with Stern, Barr opens up about the stand-up comedy appearance on “The Tonight Show” that literally changed her life overnight. Listen:

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