Chrissy Metz wants the media to stop focusing on stories of her stepdad’s abusive behaviour growing up, calling it “clickbait.”

In a new book entitled This Is Me, the “This Is Us” star opens up about life with her stepfather, who was both physically and verbally abusive toward her.

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“What they fail to leave out is that we have a relationship,” Metz told The Associated Press in an interview, referring to many of the stories in the media. “I have forgiven him, he’s apologized and I respect him and he was more of a father to me than my biological father.”

“I felt so many emotions about it and I still do because my sisters are getting involved,” she said of the media attention since starring on the show. “I want him to know that that was never my intention.”

Metz also addressed the fact that her father has publicly denied her claims that he was abusive.

“It is so hard to accept responsibility for what you’ve done,” the 37-year-old said.

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The actress also explained why she wanted to be so open about her life and struggles in her book.

“I told my publicist when I started this whole thing, ‘If I can’t be who I am, I can’t do this.’” she said. “I can pretend and play another character on television but I can’t be that in real life. It’s too much. I want to be authentically myself and honest.”