A Double Eviction Shakes Up ‘Big Brother Canada’

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“Big Brother Canada” delivers the most shocking episode of the season tonight as a double eviction raises hell and sends Veronica and Hamza packing.

The words “double eviction” strike fear in every “Big Brother” player, no matter if you’re the obvious threat or the floater playing under the radar. When a week’s worth of “Big Brother” unfolds in less than an hour, it becomes a panicked fight for survival, and almost anyone can wind up on the block. Who can ever forget last season’s Neda blindside which sent shockwaves through the house?

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Before the true madness begins, Veronica is dispatched in a relatively straightforward 9-1 vote over fellow gatecrasher Merron. Veronica caused her own downfall by throwing out a hinky vote for Jesse during last week’s eviction. It was a move meant to cause paranoia and throw doubt on her fellow houseguests, but it backfired when Veronica herself became the subject of suspicion. Her pleas of innocence to Head of Household Erica only made her look even guiltier.

The deadly duo of Ali and Olivia stoked the flames throughout the week, eventually convincing Erica to use the Power of Veto on Maddy and backdoor the “untrustworthy” and “manipulative” Veronica. Following the Veto Meeting, Ali and Olivia celebrate their handiwork, laughing over how nobody even suspects how dangerous they are as a pair. “They just think we’re a couple of ding-dongs,” Olivia says.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

In a desperate attempt to save herself, Veronica takes Hamza’s pot-stirring advice to call a house meeting and call people out. The 24-year-old server essentially shouts at her fellow houseguests, telling them to stop being fake and draw a line. She says she can be used as a shield going forward.

It’s a risky play, but Veronica’s words do seem to get through to Paras, who tells Maddy she is worried about continuing to take out people on their side of the house. But much like Jesse’s last-minute spiel last week, it’s too little too late for Veronica, and the house falls in line to vote her out, with only Will giving her a sympathy vote.

The second eviction of the night is when all hell breaks loose. Olivia wins the HOH competition, partly by fluke, and similar to last year’s Neda blindside, she starts with two safe nominations, Merron and Ryan. But the self-described “ding-dong” has a backup plan in case one of her nominees comes off the block, telling Johnny that she will backdoor Hamza if the opportunity arises. That opportunity presents itself when Ryan wins the Veto, beating fellow nominee Merron by mere milliseconds.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

Merron begs Olivia not to put Hamza up next to him on the block, but nothing he says can stop the inevitable. Olivia nominates the 27-year-old soccer coach, a swift act of revenge for her nomination at his hand last week. In an emotional moment, a choked up Merron refuses to campaign against his best friend, which seems to trigger a tear-fest throughout the house. Through their tears, the houseguests vote to evict Hamza 8-1, with only a distraught Erica voting to keep him.

It’s a cruel exit for one of the game’s most dynamic players, but Hamza’s wildcard approach is always going to be perceived as a threat. He will likely have regrets about saving Olivia last week at the expense of Jesse, someone that may have had his back for a longer duration. Hamza is a player that continually pushed for big moves, and in the end, he became a victim of the big move gameplay he loves so much.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

As for Olivia, she went from pulling the strings behind the curtain, to stepping out into the spotlight of the stage. It will require some slick maneuvering to dodge the target and slink back under the radar, but so far the 21-year-old law student has proven herself to be a formidable player, so she shouldn’t be counted out.

The Player Chart:

Take a look at which houseguests are heading towards the light and which are sinking to the fiery depths, sticking with the heaven/hell terminology, of course.

Stairway to Heaven:

Johnny – Ever since he won the first HOH of the season, Johnny has disappeared into the background, and for that reason, it can be easy to dismiss his gameplay. But Johnny is a perceptive player, he seems to slot comfortably into any group, and he isn’t on anybody’s radar right now. And his quick pow-wow with Olivia during the pre-nomination scrambling shows that he still holds some sway in the house.

Highway to Hell:

Erica – There is no doubt that Erica is a badass player, but her combination of challenge dominance and big move gameplay could soon blow up in her face. She was the sole vote for Hamza tonight and her emotional reaction to his exit made that obvious. If tonight’s elimination of Hamza sets a precedent of taking out the strong players, Erica is surely next in line.

“Big Brother Canada” airs on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. ET/PT, Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT, and Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Global.

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