Deadmau5 Releases Fully Orchestral Album ‘Where’s The Drop?’

Deadmau5 has taken a break from his electronic roots for an entirely orchestral album.

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The Canadian DJ and producer released “where’s the drop?” on Friday exclusively on TIDAL, featuring completely analog, orchestral renditions of some of his most famous electronic tracks.

According to Billboard, the 15-track record was created in collaboration with music director Gregory Reveret.

“I’m not trying to contrive musical revolutions or anything,” Deadmau5 said in a now-deleted tweet, “or push toward going into some kind of orchestral trend, writing a symphony is something I’ve always wanted to do. So I done did it.”

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Deadmau5 is celebrating the launch of the album performing the material with a live orchestra on March 31 and April 1. Fans who weren’t able to snag tickets to the sold-out shows will by able to livestream the event on TIDAL.

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