The best truth serum is scorching hot chicken wings.

Canadian darling Shawn Mendes sat down in the “Hot Ones” chair with host Sean Evans to answer 10 unique questions while chowing down on 10 progressively spicier chicken wings.

Speaking on the stereotypical politeness of Canadians, Mendes confirmed the people up North are supremely kind — but to a fault. “Yes, [it’s] probably true, but it’s annoying. We’re way too polite,” Mendes confessed.

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“I caught myself driving down the highway and some guy cut me off and I went to honk at him and I then stopped myself from honking,” he recalled. “Is that really how we are in Canada? Like we actually don’t honk? It gets really annoying. So it’s a good and a bad thing.”

When asked about the one place in Canada everyone should visit before they die, Mendes highly recommended checking out the scenery in Vancouver and Victoria Island.

“You can rent a boat for like $45 if you have a license,” he said. “Just go on the water. It’s stunning, dude, you can’t really see anywhere like that.”

Mendes has a well-documented friendship with fellow musician John Mayer and revealed the singer-songwriter once delivered a personally signed guitar to Mendes’ hotel.

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And the clean-cut Canadian apparently has quite the mouth. “I swear a lot in real life,” Mendes admitted. “But in interviews, there is something that has trained my mind.” But the host Evans insisted, “Well Shawn, I’d say let it fly in here.”

Mendes happily obliged. “That’s f**ked up, that’s bad. Now that you tell me I can swear,” he proclaimed while biting into one of the hotter wings on the board.

And he dropped even more expletives once the interview concluded: “Jesus Christ! Holy f**k! I think I’m going to pass out,” he yelled after working his way through the final tongue-torturing bite.

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