Azealia Banks Has In-Flight Meltdown

Azealia Banks is in hot water over an incident that occurred on a Monday night flight to LAX, and of course it was caught on camera. The only good thing about this story is that the plane had already touched down and wasn’t mid-air.

On a flight from NYC to LAX passengers watched on as singer Azealia Banks called a flight attendant a “f***ing f***ot”.

The story goes like this: The plane arrived at the gate and Azealia ran for the door, but there was a couple in her way who were still grabbing their bags. Banks was not impressed with the delay and tried to squeeze by the couple before the man put out his hand and stopped her. That’s when she lost it.

The singer reportedly spit on the man and punched him. That’s when people started recording, just in time to video the singer calling a flight attendant a “f**king f*gg*t”.

Police were called, but the couple who were said to be visiting from France didn’t want to press any charges as they are on holiday and don’t want the hassle.

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