A new rumour about the future of the “Star Wars” franchise is sure to divide fans.

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Word through the grapevine says Meryl Streep is in consideration to replace Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in the upcoming “Star Wars 9” movie. But a rep for Streep tells ET Canada the rumours are “untrue.”

Following the untimely passing of Fisher in Dec. 2016, Disney and LucasFilm confirmed they would not use motion capture or a CGI-generated Leia in the next “Star Wars” film.

Rumours suggested Leia was meant to be a driving force in the upcoming movie and as such the studio was considering bringing Streep in. Streep once famously played a character based on Fisher in “Postcards from The Edge”.

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Han Solo was a key figure in “The Force Awakens” and Luke Skywalker was mentor-supreme in “The Last Jedi”, so some fans believe Leia was meant to play an integral role in the next instalment.