Katy Perry Throws Her Chair As ‘American Idol’ Contestant Leaves Judges Speechless

Every now and then an “American Idol” contestant leaves the judges at a total loss for words.

On Sunday night’s Hollywood Week episode of the singing competition, 20-year-old Michael J. Woodard got on stage and performed the song “Maybe This Time” from the musical “Cabaret”.

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Right as Woodard began, the judges knew they were watching something special, and by the end Katy Perry was so taken aback that she got off her chair and tossed it into the theatre seats behind her.

After the young Philadelphia bowling alley worker got off stage, the Perry, Luke Bryant and Lionel Richie were left standing nearly speechless.

“That was the best thing we’ve seen in a long time,” Perry said. “It felt like a star was born.”

Speaking backstage, Woodard said, “I just shocked myself. I don’t know what the heck just happened on that stage, but it was something else.”

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“Idol” fans on Twitter were just as amazed by the performance.

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