Wes Anderson did not hold back as he took part in one of Reddit’s legendary AMA sessions on Sunday.

The 48-year-old spent his Easter Sunday answering some of his fans’ burning questions in the hilarious Q&A, which saw him talk about always having a star-studded cast in his movies, as well as poking fun at numerous actors.

Anderson, who has been hard at work promoting his latest film “Isle of Dogs”, kicked things off by saying: “Hey guys, Wes Anderson here. My new film ‘Isle of Dogs’ is out but I’ll be fielding questions about all of my critically acclaimed, generally applauded, and symmetrically brilliant films. ”

As proof, he then uploaded a Mr. Fox meme which had the Kanye West lyrics, “Everybody know I’m a motherf**kin’ monster” written across it.

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Photo credit: Reddit/Wes Anderson
Photo credit: Reddit/Wes Anderson

Fans were quick to bombard the director with questions, with one person asking: “In ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ you had a little girl tell a little boy that she liked his boner. What are your next big plans?”

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Jokingly referencing Guillermo del Toro’s “The Shape of Water”, Anderson replied: “Well I was going to do a film that included tasteful fish beastiality but Del Toro really f**ked me on that one. Had one drink with him six years ago and now he’s winning Oscars. Just saying.”

Anderson also joked about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson “turning down” his films, with him saying: “I’m literally the only person who’s movies he won’t do so I’m fine with him but what’s his deal with me? I’ve written him a role in every single film and when he drops out I have to rewrite it without guns or t*ts.”

Take a look at Anderson’s full Reddit AMA here.

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