Jared Leto hitchhiked through “The Tonight Show” studio Monday before Jimmy Fallon took him back down to the street to resume his week-long journey across America.

The 46-year-old told the talkshow host, “I’m actually doing this, this isn’t a gag!” as he was taken in the elevator from the sixth floor back to the road, where he was conveniently picked up by A$AP Rocky to continue his journey.

The musician had taken to social media earlier on in the day to confirm he’d be embarking on a huge trip across the U.S. to celebrate the release of Thirty Seconds to Mars’ new album, which is named after the country, on April 6.

Leto shared a short clip on Twitter with him telling fans that he and his band would be kicking off their adventure at Penn Station in New York.

The musician explained that he’d be doing anything he possibly could to get himself from city to city, including, “hot air ballooning and donkey riding,” as well as hiking and running.

Leto shared, “We are starting this insane, amazing journey across the country, I guess I’m the representative here for the band,” before he explained that the mission was called “Mars Across America”.

The group, who also stopped outside Madison Square Garden to perform an epic version of “Walk On Water”, are doing the whole thing to promote their latest LP, America.

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Leto will also be handing out genetic testing kits from 23andMe along the way to encourage fans to discover more about their heritage.

The trip will end in the band’s hometown of Los Angeles on Friday, which is the day the album hits shelves.

Thirty Seconds to Mars’ latest release features the likes of Halsey and A$AP Rocky.