Kathy Griffin is courting Donald Trump-related controversy once again, this time with a hilarious impression of Kellyanne Conway.

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The comedian debuted her impression of the counselor to the president and political TV personality on “The President Show” Tuesday night.

At one point in the show, Griffin’s Conway demonstrates her incredible ability to defend even the most indefensible people in the world by making the case for fraudster Bernie Madoff.

“I find it interesting that the media used the words ‘pyramid scheme’,” Griffin as Conway said. “Frankly that’s anti-Semitic when you consider the terrible suffering of the Jewish people in Egypt at the time of the Pharaoh.”

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Griffin also posted a clip on Twitter of her in character dancing with Tony Atamanuik, who plays Trump on the show.

Last year, Griffin received backlash for a photo taken of her for an art project in which she was shown holding the fake severed head of the president.