Everybody thought Ridley Scott was working on a sequel to his 2012 sci-fi film Prometheus, but in an a new interview with the website HeyUGuys.com while promoting his latest, The Martian, the famed director reveals it won’t actually be Prometheus 2, but another sequel to his 1979 sci-fi/horror mega-hit Alien — sort of.

“Well actually, it’s really going to be called Alien: Paradise Lost,”; says Scott in the video below. “So Prometheus 2 isn’t really going to be Prometheus 2, it’s going to be Alien: Paradise Lost. You know the poem? I’m sure you’ve never been through it, the poem’s a book, Paradise Lost. It sounds intellectual but there’s a similarity to it. That’s where it stops.”;

Scott is referring to John Milton’s 17th-century epic poem that allegorizes the Biblical fall of man in the book of Genesis, with the protagonist taking a horrifying journey through the various circles of hell.

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Alien: Paradise Lost, reveals Scott, will explore the home planet of the Engineers from Prometheus, which, as the title suggests, will be no paradise. Watch what Scott has to say about it: