Steve Harvey Stands By Wife’s Use Of The ‘R’ Word

Steve Harvey is defending his wife against social media backlash.

Marjorie Harvey was criticized for using the word “re***ded” in an Instagram video with her husband. “I’m sitting here arguing with my husband, ’cause clearly he thinks I’m re***ded [and] I don’t know how to cut a beet,” she said while cooking.

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But the “Family Feud” host was having none of it, biting back at critics for seemingly overreacting.

“What you trippin’ ’bout cause my wife said the word re***ded… it’s a word ain’t it?” he commented on the post. “And she ain’t talking ’bout nobody but herself to me…”

“What she was doing was just that and she ain’t saying it bout nobodies baby… I don’t ever comment but [damn] is you just looking for something to be pissed off about cause we ain’t,” he continued.

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Punctuating his rant with, “And I wrote it, re***ded. NAH!!”

You can see Marjorie’s response to her husband’s comment below.

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