Jimmy Kimmel’s War With Sean Hannity Rages On Twitter, Tells Fox News Host: ‘No One Likes You’

Jimmy Kimmel has shot back at Sean Hannity after the Fox News presenter slammed the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host’s jokes about First Lady Melania Trump.

The late-night talk show host had imitated Melania’s accent on Monday night in his monologue about the White House Easter Egg Roll. Melania had performed the traditional children’s book reading to participants at the White House event.

On Wednesday night, Kimmel’s jokes came under attack by Hannity, who referred to Kimmel as a “despicable disgrace.” Hannity continued: “A** clown Kimmel. Now I’m gonna tell you something. What a disgrace. Hey, uh, Kimmel, that’s her fifth language. How many languages do you speak?”

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Kimmel responded to Hannity’s comments during last night’s opening monologue of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” focusing on the term “a** clown.” “What even is an a** clown? I was thinking about it this morning; is it an a** that’s a clown or a clown that lives in an ass, like a little Bozo bird in your butt cheeks? I honestly don’t know.”

“This is the guy who defended the multiply-alleged pedophile Roy Moore,” Kimmel added. “And I’m a despicable disgrace. I’m the a** clown. Here’s the thing. If I’m an as** clown, and I might very well be, you, Sean, are the whole ass circus. You’re the juggler, you’re the trapeze artist, you are the ass lion tamer and the ass human cannonball all jammed into one little car. You are the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey of A** Clownsmanship.”

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Kimmel had also received criticism from morning talk show “Fox & Friends” for his Melania insults. “If he [Kimmel] had done this to Michelle Obama wouldn’t everyone in the mainstream media, if he were conservative, say he is a racist?” co-host Ainsley Earhardt asked. Earhardt called it “a dagger to the heart” of immigrants.

“Imagine if we moved to another country and had to learn the language. That would be so daunting,” she continued. “She not only speaks five languages, she’s reading different languages too. That’s not easy. I took a foreign language and I never really got it. It’s so difficult to do that. Shouldn’t she be praised?”

Fox News commentator Rachel Campos-Duffy added, “Melania also broke barriers. She is the first immigrant First Lady since early 1800s, and she’s doing a fantastic job.” Calling her, “the most fashionable First Lady we’ve ever had.”

Kimmel found it ironic that Hannity and his fellow Fox News colleagues had all of a sudden become so caring towards immigrants. “But I do want to say, I appreciate how compassionate you’ve suddenly become to the plight of immigrants in this country over the last 24 hours. You know what I think is disrespectful to the First Lady? Cheating on her with a porn star after she has a baby. Why don’t you rant a little about that?”

Watch Kimmel’s response in the video above.

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Following the segment, Kimmel’s wife (and “JKL!” producer/co-head writer) Molly McNearney added her two cents, pointing out that her husband became a target of Fox News following his impassioned speech calling for health care for children after the birth of the couple’s son Billy, who required immediate post-natal surgery to correct a heart defect.

Meanwhile, Kimmel’s spat with Hannity spilled over into social media, with the two TV hosts going at it on Twitter in a series of NFSW tweets that, with Kimmel telling the “Hannity” host, “No one likes you.”

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