Neil Patrick Harris Answers Fan Questions While Playing With Puppies

Everyone loves Neil Patrick Harris and everyone loves puppies and now you can get both at once.

BuzzFeed had the “How I Met Your Mother” star sit down for a video in which he answered questions from fans while playing with an adorable group of canines.

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed
Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

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Asked what the craziest rumour he has ever heard about himself was, Harris said, “That I was on ‘Malcolm in the Middle’.”

And who would play him and his husband David in a movie? “Ooh that’s a good question,” the actor. “Who would play me? Josh Duhamel. And who would play David? Nick Jonas. Next question!”

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed
Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

Harris also gave his take on what his “HIMYM” character is up to now that the show is over. “Probably same old, same old,” he said. “What would he be up to? Two fingers of scotch, and probably 15 chicks.”

He also said that he does keep in touch with the cast from “HIMYM”, in particular Cobie Smulders. “We have kids that are similar ages, and her husband Taran [Killam] lived in New York for a bit,” he explained. “But yeah we text and shoot the breeze. I don’t think we’d ever reunite on the show.”

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Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed
Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

Lastly, the biggest question of all, would Harris ever host the Tonys again?

“Oh, I would love to do that again! It’s a hard job though, maybe some year. I need to take some time off,” he said. “The Tonys are a great one, a great show to host. There’s all the performances, it’s the best show to watch, because it’s all performances by people who are doing shows live, so then you get the live show all around you.”

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