Teri Hatcher is travelling across California in her van to become your new therapist.

The “Desperate Housewives” alum is starting a new series on her “Hatching Change” YouTube channel called “Van Therapy”.

“The past year has been a tough year,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s been a year filled with a lot of anxiety and frustrations and I guess this was my little way of having some control and maybe create some small space where people felt they could talk and connect and not be invisible.”

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On the new show Hatcher will invite people into her van to chat about anything they desire.

“They can be really little subjects or really big subjects, but I feel so lucky that I’m able to connect with these people whom I might otherwise never have come into contact with,” she said. “What do I, a 53-year-old actress, have in common with two 22-year-old hippie guys smoking pot? And the answer might be nothing, but I think more often than not there’s something that connects us. We’re much more alike than we think we are.”

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Hatcher will produce the upcoming series in addition to her cooking show inspiring viewers to eat cleaner.

Hatcher added, “I’m trying to just put out even the smallest amount of positivity out there.”