Roz Weston On ‘Twilight’ Star Kristen Stewart

The first time I interviewed Kristen Stewart is when I first realized how twitchy she is. I also realized that mentioning that on Twitter wasn’t the best idea as it coincided with my realization of just how insanely protective her fans are.

When you first meet her, you’ll probably think she hates you. To be honest, I thought I rubbed her the wrong way – her body language screamed “I wanna be anywhere else but here… with you… anywhere!’  Kristen is one of the rare ones in show business.

Sure, a ton of actors and rock stars play the part of hating publicity tours and their dislike for being the human buffet that 200 reporters mosey up to during a long Saturday afternoon in some posh hotel in Beverly Hills. Most times it’s all an act. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve walked into a room filled with fun and laughs only to have the subject totally shut down and become a lump as soon as the cameras go on. I usually describe these people as cabbage – as in, it was like interviewing a head of cabbage.

But even with Kristen’s constant leg twitch, zero eye contact and the genuine sense that she’d rather be anywhere else – she’s not cabbage.  Far from it actually. I put Kristen in the same group as Joaquin Phoenix, Harrison Ford and the late Heath Ledger… especially Heath Ledger! They just hate it! That’s it. Nothing more. There’s times you get a sense they’re in actual physical pain. For the most part, doing a press tour is a contractual obligation. Most actors don’t let that show. Kristen is not one of those actors.

And do you blame her? You can learn to act, you can learn to sing but nobody can teach you how to be famous.

I often hear critics chime in with something along the lines of “Hey, you get paid to act for a living, can’t you just act like you’re having a good time? Like you’re NOT miserable? For once?’

Going into the last movie, on the heels of a cheating scandal, I was certain that the entire weekend of press was going to be a disaster. That there would be tension, that the movie company would keep them from being seen together, that the rest of the cast would be on edge, that before the interviews I would receive a laundry list of rules and things NOT to ask. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Not only did they NOT separate the two stars – they put their interview rooms directly across from each other. They had them do a full day of press together before hand, and never once laid ground rules on what I could, and couldn’t ask.

When I walked into the room I saw something I had never seen before – Kristen stood up, smiled, said something funny, and told me how much fun she was having. She made eye contact, showed no fear, and seemed to enjoy the process – or at least finally learned how to fake it.


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