Dave Franco Reveals Portraying A Heroin Addict Made Him ‘Not Fun To Be Around’ For Wife Alison Brie

Fans who only know Dave Franco from his comedic roles will see a whole other side of the actor in “6 Balloons”, a new Netflix movie that sees him playing a desperate heroin addict who enlists his sister (Abbi Jacobson, “Broad City”) to help him find a detox facility while he goes through withdrawal, all while his two-year-old daughter in tow.

“This role is very different from anything I’ve played in the past, and that in and of itself was a huge draw for me,” Franco, 32, tells People of his latest role, expressing his hope that “people would start to see me in a different light and start to envision me in different types of roles.”

Taking on the role, he admits, made him “very nervous for many reasons. First off, I knew that I was going to have to go through a huge physical transformation. I ended up losing about 25 pounds in a very, very short period of time.”

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Even worse, he reveals that the extreme weight loss coupled with the nature of the role put him in a very dark headspace during filming — so much so that at one point wife Alison Brie called him out for letting it all affect him when he wasn’t on the set.

“I came home and my wife Alison called me out and said you’re not yourself, you’re not fun to be around,” he admits. “I said I’m f**king starving, what do you want from me?”

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Researching the role didn’t help. “The whole research process also contributed to why I was so depressed,” he admits. “You can imagine how hard it is to watch several documentaries about heroin addicts every single day,” he says. “I felt like I was in this dark heroin tunnel for a couple months, and I was just not the most fun person to be around. I commend everyone on set who is still friends with me, because I really was off in the corner by myself not talking to anyone.”

“6 Balloons” is available to stream right now.



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