Prince Charles Reunites With Fan Who Stole A Kiss 40 Years Ago During Tour Of Australia

Amidst a seven-day tour of Australia, the Prince of Wales had a blast from the past when he met a woman who made headlines by stealing a kiss from him — 40 years earlier.

BBC News reports Leila Sherwood was waiting for the prince outside a church while he attended services in Cairns, holding a 1979 newspaper clipping of the story chronicling how she kissed the prince on the cheek when she was just 14.

Mick Tsikas – Pool/Getty Images
Mick Tsikas – Pool/Getty Images

As Sherwood told BBC News: “He held my hand and said ‘Bless you’ — I didn’t want to let go of his hand!”

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Also waiting to meet Prince Charles was Elizabeth Kula Kula, who told him that she was named after his mother, Queen Elizabeth. After sharing a handshake and a few words with the prince, the woman was overcome with emotion and broke down in tears.

Mick Tsikas – Pool/Getty Images
Mick Tsikas – Pool/Getty Images

The prince has had a jam-packed week during his visit to Australia, and during a reception in Brisbane earlier in the week he jokingly addressed his upcoming 70th birthday.

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“I do know only too well… the strange feeling of disbelief that this is actually happening and that never again, for instance, will it be possible to squeeze into a pair of budgie smugglers,” he quipped, using the local slang for a tight Speedo-style bathing suit.

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