Geoffrey Rush ‘Barely Eating’ And ‘Virtually Housebound’ Following ‘Inappropriate Behaviour’ Claims

Australian actor Geoffrey Rush has been left “virtually housebound” after allegations emerged in a Sydney newspaper accusing him of inappropriate behaviour, it’s been reported.

The 66-year-old, who is suing the Daily Telegraph and journalist Jonathon Moran for defamation, is said to believe his career has been “irreparably damaged” after the article in question was published on November 30.

Court documents also stated the allegations have caused “ongoing hurt” to the star and that he had endured “tremendous emotional and social hardship.”

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The documents, which were presented in the Federal Court of Australia Monday, detailed: “The applicant has found that as a direct result of the publications he has been constantly associated in Australia and internationally with the #MeToo movement.”

The Federal court also heard Monday that lawyers for the Daily Telegraph and Moran had applied to bring a cross-claim against the Sydney Theatre Company.

This would make it another defendant in the actor’s lawsuit, with the plaintiffs claiming that the theatre company knew the Telegraph would, or would probably, republish its comments against Rush alleging inappropriate behaviour.

“The respondents are treating this litigation like a game,” Rush’s lawyer, Sue Chrysanthou, said. She also added that there was no suggestion the STC had instigated the paper’s stories.

Despite Rush’s comments, the Telegraph has insisted the article, which accused the actor of behaving inappropriately during a Sydney Theatre Company production of “King Lear” in 2015, was not defamatory. It also denied it made accusations of a sexual nature.

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The original report featured on the cover with the headline ‘King Leer’. The article included a statement from the Sydney Theatre Company, which claimed it had received the complaint against Rush.

Editor Chris Dore previously said in a statement to the Associated Press: “The Daily Telegraph accurately reported the Sydney Theatre Company received a complaint alleging that Mr Geoffrey Rush had engaged in inappropriate behaviour. We will defend our position in court.”



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