Tina Fey Calls The Timeliness Of Her ‘Mean Girls’ Musical ‘Unfortunate’

With 14 years past, the message behind “Mean Girls” still seems to ring true.

On Sunday night, Emmy-winning actress and writer Tina Fey debuted her Broadway adaptation of the 2004 teen comedy, where she revealed that the storyline felt more timely than ever.

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“It’s just sort of unfortunate that it does,” Fey told the Associated Press of her new musical, which she scripted alongside her husband, Jeff Richmond, who composed the score.

Fey added, “When the movie was written, it was about relational aggression among girls. And now, everyone does that. The government does it. People are unkind. They don’t respect each other’s basic human dignity, and so social is such a disease.”

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Addressing how the musical will resonate with today’s generation, the former “30 Rock” star said, “It feels like it’s an even more-timely reminder now that we all need to just kind of take a breath before we hurt each other.”

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