‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Can’t Pronounce ‘Flamenco’ — And It Costs Him $7,100!

We’ve all seen contestants make a wrong guess on “Wheel of Fortune” when the clue is nearly spelled out, but it’s rare for someone to goof things up once the clue has been solved.

That was the case with a fellow named Jonny, who had one simple task to do: correctly read the solved answer: “flamenco dance lessons.”

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Jonny, however, saw things slightly differently, perhaps envisioning long-legged pink birds learning to cha-cha when he instead blurted out “flamingo dance lessons.”

Unfortunately for Jonny, the incorrect pronunciation did not pass the judges’ muster, and wound up costing him a whopping $7,100.

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He can take solace that he’s not the first game show contestant to suffer a similar stumble; back in January, a dude named Nick was penalized when he substituted “gangster” for “gangsta” in a Coolio-related question of “Jeopardy!”. Watch:



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