Not everyone gets to experience the thrill of having Chad Kroeger serenade them with Nickelback’s 2001 mega-hit “How You Remind Me”, but Phoenix Suns power forward Alan Williams did — and joined in for an epic barroom singalong.

In a video courtesy of TMZ Sports, the Nickelback frontman can be seen strolling up to Williams at a watering hole in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he begins singing the unmistakable lyrics as only he can, with Williams covering his face while rocking back and forth.

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As Kroeger sings — perhaps an attempt to demonstrate to Williams how he would know him? — Williams’ rocking turns to rocking out as he increases the intensity until he is finally singing along.

While Nickelback don’t always get the respect they deserve (see below), there’s no mistaking that Williams is a full-on fan. You can watch Kroeger’s brief-but-awesome performance in the video at the top of the page.