Michael B. Jordan Says The Thought Of Meeting Michael Jordan Is What Motivates Him

Michael B. Jordan has made a name for himself with box office hits like “Creed” and “Black Panther”, but meeting his namesake, basketball legend Michael Jordan, keeps him striving for more.

The actor, 31, spoke to Men’s Health magazine about what motivates him.

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“I’m competitive. I want to compete in anything I do. That came from my name. Growing up in sports and having a name like Michael Jordan and being teased, I had to compete,” he said. “I couldn’t be the guy with the name and not be good at it. That carried over to everything. I’m like, ‘I’ve got to be just as great if not greater than he was in his field.’”

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And even though Jordan has never met the former NBA player, the thought keeps him on the ball, “I never met Michael Jordan. I never want to officially meet him until I’m at a point where he knows who I am and I know who he is. And it would be our mutual respect thing.”

He added, “Until then it would just be a ‘this guy has your name, haha.’ I don’t want that. So that pushes me to keep working too. These things motivate me.”

Read Jordan’s full Men’s Health interview here.



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