Stephen Colbert Mocks Tucker Carlson’s ‘Insane’ Sex-Crazed Pandas Segment, Calls Him Out For Stealing His Bit

Fox News host Tucker Carlson was ridiculed online after warning the world about “sex-crazed pandas” instead of covering the Michael Cohen story Monday night.

Stephen Colbert, 53, wasted no time in mocking Carlson, 48, over his bizarre segment, with Colbert addressing the whole thing on Tuesday’s “Late Show”.

After showing a clip of Carlson’s segment titled “Pandas Exposed”, Colbert joked, “Basically he said something really bad could happen, but it doesn’t.”

The camera then cut back to the Fox News host explaining that some pandas have sex as much as 40 times a day (if they’re not in “unsexy zoos,” that is), to which Colbert replied: “If these pandas weren’t busy bumping fur, they’d kill us in a second.

“I even heard about one panda who knows kung-fu,” he added, referencing the well-known cartoon character.

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Colbert then compared Carlson’s “insane” segment to when he played an “insane person” on his old show “The Colbert Report”.

The talk show host cut to a clip from 2011 in which he warns viewers that the Chinese were using cute pandas to “infiltrate our hearts.”

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He says in the clip, “Never forget that they are panda bears. Godless killing machines,” to which Colbert then quipped: “Tucker Carlson stole my bit! And not just the panda thing, he also stole acting incredibly stupid while wearing an ill-fitting suit.”

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