Snooki Says ‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Was Paid In Gift Cards For First Season

Snooki may have become famous and financially well off by starring in MTV’s “Jersey Shore”, but early in the show’s run she wasn’t making much at all.

The reality star – real name Nicole Polizzi – spoke to InStyle on the occasion of the reunion show “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” and opened up about her saving and spending habits.

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As Snooki explained, during filming on the first season of “Jersey Shore”, the cast didn’t actually get paid. Instead, they received gift cards.

“We would get $200 a week from the Shore Store,” she remembered. “I had never gotten that much in a week, like, every single week, because you usually get paid every two weeks. That was crazy for me.”

Snooki also talked about growing up middle class and her parents making her get a job to learn the value of money. “They made me get a job at 13,” she said. “I was a bus girl, and I got fired in two days because I didn’t want to clean other people’s crap.”

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Nowadays, Snooki is focused on dealing with her money as wisely as possible.

“My main goal is to always try and save, and I invest in properties,” she said. “Me and my husband have a lot of shore houses that we buy, make amazing, and rent out. We’re trying to build on that to have a lot of income.”



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