Kevin Smith Invites Ailing Stan Lee To Move In With Him Amid Reports Of Elder Abuse

An article in The Hollywood Reporter touched the heartstrings of Kevin Smith, who learned of the allegedly dire living conditions of Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee.

According to THR, the 95-year old comic book icon is in poor health, still grieving the recent death of his wife of 70 years while battling his daughter over his care and his estate, with claims that Lee is the victim of elder abuse.

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Zooming in to the rescue, not unlike one of the countless superheroes created by “Stan the Man” during his extraordinary career, is Kevin Smith, a longtime fan who took to Twitter with a generous offer.

“This is heartbreaking,” wrote the director, currently recovering from a massive heart attack he suffered in February. “We love you, @TheRealStanLee.

Lee, however, released a video setting the record straight regarding the “abuse” many media outlets have reported:

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