‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Robby Hayes Shares Amanda Stanton’s Private Emails Online

Reality television star Robby Hayes caused a storm of backlash after he leaked private text and email exchanges with his ex Amanda Stanton.

The “Bachelor in Paradise” bad boy’s controversial tweets were in response to a now-deleted post from Stanton.

“I got a new debit card last month and got an email from an ex this morning forwarding me an email that his Disneyland Annual Pass payment was declined and to update my card info,” Stanton wrote on Wednesday morning. “I sure know how to pick em.”

Hayes followed up with this, “Lol is this how it happened or was I was trying to help you poor thing?”

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According to the email, Hayes forwarded his ex a “severely past due” payment for a Disneyland annual pass. Stanton responded by saying she would not continue to pay for Hayes’ pass, to which Hayes replied, “I was just being courteous to the fact that it seems like if you don’t pay the outstanding balance, they will probably send you to collections.”

Hayes eloquently concluded his email reply with, “BTW… nice new t*ts.”

He followed up his tweet by scrolling through a long series of texts with Stanton in a now-deleted video.

Stanton spoke to E! News about the leaked conversation.

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“I was surprised by the email when I read it this morning! We haven’t spoken since the reunion show,” she explained. “I tweeted it before I heard his response email because I did think it was a little funny he was contacting me about his Disneyland pass… but I never said who it was about or even hinted at it being about him or had any intention to.

“I didn’t expect him to even see it, let alone respond in the extreme way that he did,” she continued. “It’s a shame he still harbours such harsh emotions towards me. I deleted the tweets because honestly, I don’t like to or want to associate myself with him, or either of my relationships from the show for that matter anymore.”

Concluding, “I have fully moved on with my life and just like to look at those relationships as learning experiences that have helped me grow as a person. I’m the happiest now than I’ve been in a very long time and wish nothing but happiness and peace for him, as well!”

Many on Twitter were less than enthusiastic about Hayes’ tweets.


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