Last year, Seth Rogen’s comedy “The Interview”; was so controversial it ignited the Sony hack meltdown that caused massive embarrassment for many stars and Sony executives, not mention it triggered North Korea to issue death threats to America.

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Now Rogen is back on the big screen playing Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak in the new “Steve Jobs”; biopic. And you’d think the actor would be humbled by the whole hacking experience, but no. Rogen’s still fighting against the suits in Hollywood, telling ET Canada, “you know there are a lot of horrible people in Hollywood, very few of them have creative jobs. It all comes down to the respect you ultimately have for them, that makes you think they’re horrible or not. Like I don’t respect studio executives.”;

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This time around things have gone smoother in the Danny Boyle-directed “Steve Jobs”; film, so smooth that Wozniak bonded with Rogen at a mysterious magic castle for magicians in Hollywood. Rogen explains the bizarre members only club “it’s a weird place, we spent seven hours there one night. It was a lot of fun actually.”; Watch below.

And Rogen did get the seal of approval from Wozniak for his portrayal in the film saying “he seems to like the movie, and I don’t think I ruined his legacy.”;