‘Boy Crazy’ Anna Faris Lets Jimmy Kimmel Read Her Diary, And It’s Adorable

“Mom” star Anna Faris joined Jimmy Kimmel on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and let the late night host do something most of us would consider a cringe-worthy moment: read her diary.

“This is so mortifying” Faris said handing over her diary. “Please don’t let my parents know. I’m so boy crazy.”

And she’s not wrong. Before she was married to a Chris and a Ben, Faris had an affinity for boys named “Ryan.”

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“He likes me. I know Ryan likes me,” Kimmel said, reading Faris’ words. “He always puts his arm around me and calls me ‘honey’ – even if he’s going with Beth.”

Continuing on, Kimmel read Anna’s thoughts on another boy named Ryan, “Ryan Lewis, our paperboy, likes me, too,” Kimmel read, “and on weekends I flirt with him – got to run.” Watch more in the video above.

But that’s not all Faris wrote about, the budding actress dished on puberty as well.

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“I’m maturing physically – quite rapidly,” Kimmel read at one point. “I don’t have big boobs, but I have something.”

And although she might have been young, Anna was certain she’d find her place in the spotlight, writing, “Anna Faris will get what she wants out of her life,” Kimmel read, “and not much could dare to stand in her way.”
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