Nick Nolte Tells All In Candid New Memoir: Doing Heroin For Role, Turning Down ‘Superman’ And That Infamous Mugshot

When it comes to celebrity mugshots it’s tough to beat Nick Nolte’s, with the actor wearing a florid Hawaiian shirt as his long hair appears to be windblown in a dozen different directions following his 2002 arrest for reckless driving.

That infamous mugshot is one of many topics the three-time Oscar nominee candidly addresses in his new memoir, Rebel: My Life Outside the Lines, and he reveals that isn’t his only mugshot, citing a 1961 arrest for selling counterfeit draft cards.

“I’ve had two mugshots in my lifetime. It’s hard to get those. And if you get them, you better make sure you examine the circumstances that you got them,” Nolte, 77, told Associated Press. “The best way to deal with the biggest mistakes in your life is to discuss them. With everybody, including God.”

As for his 2002 arrest, he writes in the book that “I needed help,” admitting that his mugshot looks like “an asylum inmate out for a lark in his flower-print Hawaiian shirt.”

In his book, Nolte reveals himself to be a method actor to the core, confessing that he did heroin for eight weeks in order to portray a heroin addict in “The Good Thief” and scarfed down real dog food when playing a homeless man in “Down and Out in Beverly Hills”.

He also discusses the roles that got away, including Paul Newman’s iconic role in “Slap Shot”, a part he says he lost because he didn’t know how to skate. Then there was “Superman”, a role that could have been his had he not turned it down.

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When it comes to feuds with fellow actors, Nolte doesn’t pull any punches, describing “Cannery Row” co-star Debra Winger as “hellfire” and once promising Edward Norton he would “slit his throat” — although Jacqueline Bisset, his co-star in “The Deep”, got along a little too well, revealing they slept together during filming.

Those aren’t the only Hollywood luminaries who receive harsh treatment from Nolte, who also writes of some unpleasant run-ins with Harvey Weinstein. As Nolte recalls, the disgraced movie mogul tried to “bully me into a couple of roles” and was “manipulative” during awards season. “I never had much admiration for Miramax or Harvey primarily because I had friends who made movies that were shelved,” he said.

Rebel: My Life Outside the Lines is on sale now.

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